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Wild Evel and the Trashbones

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“TALES FROM THE CAVE contains 17 freaked out Garagepunk-hits performed by these 5 cavemen plus guest appearances by Bernhard Gold of the Austrian Mod-Beat Group THE JAYBIRDS on the blues-harp, and Buddy Grabner, former saxophonist of Shock-and-Horror-Rocker SCREAMING LORD SUTCH. Wild Evel’s characteristic howling vocals, the incisive fuzz-guitar, the catchy Farfisa organ, outstanding harmonica elements and the furious drumbeats will make you feel their 1960’s US Garage Punk roots and will stir you up properly.”



Wild Evel - Vocals/ Farfisa Compact Organ
Murphy Morphine - Fuzz Guitar
Berni Trashbone - Pounding Drums
Max Trashbone - Bass & Insanity


Being a savage kid lost in an era of uninspiring music the Staggers’ frontman, Wild Evel, teamed up in 2009 with part of former teenbeaters the Roadrunners to form a supergroup, providing serious garage punk at it’s best!

Take some of Billy Childish’s trashy guitar solos, some of the Miracle Workers’ and The Stomachmouths’ catching melodies, add the “three-finger organ”, invisible monsters and cavemen and you know what these guys are up to!

For sure the Trashbones have their roots in the 1960s U.S. garage punk, when teenagers started playing their own music, delivering their own ideas and ideals through tight and catchy lyrics telling the conservative society, “here we are”!

The sound, that these proto-punks produced is the same sound of the four Austrian freaks – succinct fuzz-guitars, farfisa organ, furious drumming and wild, howling vocals that represent a 100% hi-octane Rock’n’Roll attitude.

Besides the sound, Wild Evel & the Trashbones also  stand out with their untamed live performance for which each member pushes his plan through! On the drums you might be tempted to have found Keith Moon’s reincarnation, while Wild Evel shoulders his organ to start a solo!

Since their formation in February 2009, the Trashbones have been touring from all over Europe to Russia, where they were delighted to present their distinctive sound and furious live performance at numerous club gigs and remarkable festivals.



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