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Suicide Generation

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Band members:

Emily Crowler - Guitar
Vince Suicide - Guitar
Mike Del Forno - Drums
Sebastian Melmoth - Vocals


With what seems like an unpredictable frenzy of rock'n'roll sleaze, Suicide Generation invoke the speed of Ramones, the grace of a dodo, and a profound disinterest in what you think. Their live shows will leave you feeling bruised and battered, but always gagging for more.  

They exploded into life just a year ago, playing their unique brand of reckless, primitive, barely-in-control rock'n'roll, singer Sebastian is all enrapturing and won't let you forget who he is no matter how much you want to. Backed by two fuzzy ear splitting guitars, it's not long before you realise this ain't no ordinary band. 

With a split 7" with LA's finest The Black Mambas on No Front Teeth Records and the overdue vinyl press of their "First Suicide" album on Dirty Water Records, there's more to look forward to plus their second album in the works. London's trashiest and most unpredictable band is making their skid mark, so keep your finger on their pulse because they might soon be dead or, worse, undead.



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