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Suicide Generation

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Band members:

Nick Caveman - Guitar
Dan Suplex - Guitar
Emily Crowler - Guitar
Vince - Guitar
Jake Caveman - Drums
Sebastian - Vocals


It's not even a year since a Colombian cretin and two neanderthals from New Zealand decided to inject a speedball of trash into the (once again) burgeoning London punk rock scene. The formula is beers, blues, deadbeat punk and telling the stories of a sick and twisted world. Add three additional buzzsaw guitars and exile the low strings and you have Suicide Generation.

Channeling the spirit and sounds of The Reatards, Gun Club, Pussy Galore, and GG Allin, they have exploded all over the city as one of the trashiest and most unpredictable bands around. Leading this suicide pact is the super-charged sickness of lead singer Sebastian Melmoth, who rips out his vocal chords whilst choking on the microphone, (coupled with chugging down pint glasses by the dozen ) along with the unseemingly steady balance of Emily Crowler's snarling rhythm guitar, that forms the glue around a revolving door of delinquent players from all ages and walks of life.

Combining the collective sloppy seconds from current members of Atomic Suplex, The Cavemen, Trash Culture, along with various failed band replacement parts, Suicide Generation tie them all up into a loose noose, with a current mission statement that reads: "WE'LL F*#K YOU WITH THE LONG D*%K OF ROCK'N'ROLL".

After first being perceived as nothing more than a really bad prank gone wrong, whose sole purpose it seemed, was to fill in for cancelled support slots across the Tuesday night London gigging circuit, Suicide Generation got in touch with Dirty Water Records and their publicist in March of 2017.

They more or less demanded to be made "annoyingly huge" by any means necessary, whilst admitting: "We don't really know exactly what to do, or how to do it; we just want to be stupidly famous." It was this brazen cheek and brutal sincerity, that gave way to any sound reasoning, further discussion, or second thoughts from the record label. They were immediately offered a two album recording contract, which they signed in blood shortly afterwards.

A spokesperson for the label said: "They're not a joke. That band means serious business even though they haven't a clue. Yes, they often appear like a bastardised freight train going off the rails, but we weren't about to play a game of chicken with them, so we blinked first. It also stopped the harassing phone calls and threatening text messages, which was a win-win for everyone."

Suicide Generation continue down their torrid path of sonic self-destruction, playing out live anywhere that will give them a stage. They claim to currently have enough songs for a double album, with lofty plans to tour America in 2018 - where they will steal your booze, smoke your last cigarette and wreck your life forever. "Buy the ticket, take the ride."



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