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James Lister:  Guitar, Vocals
Thomas D'Arcy:  Keyboards
Mick Smith:  Drums
Brian Salter:  Bass

Former members:

Jay Jenkins:  Bass
Ali Moore:  Vocals


The Revellions were forged amidst a haze of frustration and red neon lights in the early days of 2006. Coming from the dark, dank caverns of the Dublin garage underground they juggled about with a lineup and soon met wailing blues singer Ali Moore. The Revellions then lined up into attack formation and unleashed a wave of garage frenzy onto the unsuspecting public.

Their eponymous debut album on Dirty Water Records was recorded at Circo Perotti studios in Gijon, Spain and received widespread critical acclaim throughout the world.

Their brilliant followup "Give It Time" has cemented their position of one of the pre-eminent bands the Garage/Surf scene and include among their many fans Bill Kelly of WFMU and Mark Lamarr of the BBC.



Here’s an album that starts relatively sedately, grows a brass section and descends into off-kilter garage rock hell. If that sounds like a dissing, think again.
— I-94 Bar
The follow up to 2008’s eponymous debut from the Dubliners’ clearly hasn’t been without growing pains. One lost singer later and they are back. Should you care? If you have any interest in growly garage blues that mixes in The Music Machine with Beefheart then it’s an emphatic ‘yes’.
— Shindig!

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