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Playboy Manbaby

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“It’s probably best if you set a safeword first, because it can get weird quick.” -IMPOSE

“A headlong adrenaline rush” - USA Today

“Immensely engaging in their music and personalities” -Examiner.com

“Unique blend of melodic expertise and full-on spazzy, borderline violent performances.” -Five Cent Sound

“Playboy Manbaby is my favorite find” -Greg Hetson (Bad Religion)

“Like a kid having a temper tantrum into a walkie-talkie” -Premier Guitar

“No one projects paranoid schizophrenia quite like Playboy Manbaby.” -New Times

“Modern music's most watchable lunatics” -AZ Central




Band members:

Robbie Pfeffer - vocals
Chris Hudson - bass
TJ Friga - guitar
David Cosme - trumpet
Chad Dennis - drums
Austin Rickert - sax


They've just wrapped up the mastering of their long overdue new LP "Don't Let It Be" (soon to be co-released by Dirty Water and Lolipop Records ) and these desert area DIY-veterans have just released with Dirty Water Records the first single off the album,"You Can Be A Fascist Too" in the run up to the US presidential inauguration on January 20th. Singer Robbie Pfeffer explains, “So, we weren’t supposed to put this out until February, but in light of recent events we feel like every societal catastrophe deserves a proper theme song." However one might feel about the election result and the seemingly endless division and hostility it has produced the world over, this track is sure to strike an abrasive chord in 2017.

Eric Shea from PremiereGuitar.com recently wrote: "Even if you’re a Sunday-morning blues lawyer who only appreciates “serious music,” there’s no denying that Playboy Manbaby has been playing long enough to form a bona fide musical chemistry—one that would fit well onstage supporting (or blowing away) the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The tune boasts a rhythm section that can effortlessly power through stop-start arrangements. Over this, the versatile guitar work of TJ Friga switches from heavily reverberated spastic freak-outs to melodic arpeggios in the breakdown—a bridge that also includes a short-but-sweet trumpet solo from David Cosme. Go ahead and check out Playboy Manbaby before Hugh Hefner’s lawyers make them change their name.”

On the B side and in their latest music video “I’d Like To Meet Your Parents", viewers are forced to watch two lovebirds looking to enjoy a night out at a place presumably called Crapriotti’s or La Doo Doo which serves only the best Rasberry Creme Shasta and Spaghetti ala Ketchup.

“We shot this video in my living room and tried to make it a terrible Italian restaurant,” says Pfeffer. “I wanted to make a video where the band is playing but aren’t really an important or central part of it. I didn’t tell the guys what the idea was, I just told them to show up at a certain time and then started yelling at them to paint their faces etc. I’m super glad how it turned out and I think everyone did a great job embracing their characters.”



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