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Almirante Stargazer - Lead vox + guitar
Rosa Lombas - Drums (+ vox) 
Nacho Soulmate - Bass (+ vox)
David Zoom - Keyboards (+ vox)


Newstargazers play swinging rockabilly garage soul music for feral dance floors, with twanging vocals, driving rhythms, and brilliant flourishes of boogie woogie underneath.

Almirante Stargazer and Nacho Soulmate met when they were uni students. They were playing in different projects but always wishing to be together in the same band. Nacho left his hometown to go London in 2004 but they promised each other that one day newstagazers would come to light. Almirante eventually arrived in London in 2013. They kick started the band with the help of the fabulous keyboard player David Zoom. Highly talented Rosa Lombas, the most primitive and powerful drummer joined them soon afterwards. After rehearsing for one year the act came together.  They started playing the London gig circuit with their high energy rock and roll.

Their self-released debut EP, Monster Songs for Mutant Hearts, can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/newstargazers
and they are currently working on new songs and looking forward more recordings.

Their creative process is very simple. William Shatner, Mick Collins and Del Shannon come to see Almirante Stargazer in his dreams. They tell him how to write the music. Nacho writes the most beautiful lyrics ever. David adds his unique keyboard arrangements and Rosa brings the mix together with her melodic voice and raw, powerful drums. The songs deal with the loss and heartbreak that newstargazers’ adventures bring to their minds. They mix fast rockabilly, dirty garage and black soul.  Newstargazers will save your souls.



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