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Cyril Jordan:  Guitar
Clem Burke:  Drums
Eddie Muñoz:  Bass
Paul Kopf:  Vocals

Former members;

Prairie Prince:  Drums
Alec Palao:  Bass


An accomplished and very original painter, Cyril spent a good part of the nineties pursuing his artistic endeavours. He also recorded song demos, backed up some notable artists and produced a few rockers from around the Bay Area. Other than that, playing full time in a band was pretty much out of his system - until he met Paul Kopf.

As a pop music fan and musician, Paul has been a hugely active supporter of rock and roll in San Francisco. Paul created and promoted the very successful 'BayPop' series of music festivals in San Francisco from 1999 to 2003. Cyril had finished a stint backing Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon when Paul approached him about backing up the Beau Brummels for a BayPop show. Cyril agreed, as he dug the Beaus and had also gone to High School with them! Later, Paul contacted Cyril for his assistance in recording songs for Paul's solo album. As a result, Cyril put together a studio band consisting of Prairie Prince from The Tubes on Drums, and Alec Palao from the Sneetches and Chocolate Watch Band on Bass. Somewhere in the midst of the recording madness this combination accidently became a band. Prairie and Alec had ridiculous scheduling conflicts and had to leave Magic Christian in late 2006. For Paul and Cyril, it was now time to get really ambitious and assemble a perfect lineup of musicians that could channel Magic Christian's signature style into the powerfully hip Rock and Roll ensemble it was destined to become.

Enter Guitarist Eddie Munoz from a cool little L.A. band called The Plimsouls. Eddie had sat in on guitar with Magic Christian on many occasions, whenever opportunity allowed. Together they would simply ROCK the Groovies' classic "Shake Some Action" and maybe a Rolling Stones or Easybeats tune. Cyril asked Eddie if he would like to play guitar in Magic Christian.

Of course he said 'YES'!

Along about that time, there was a flux in the Bassist position in Magic Christian as their prospective Bassist wasn't going to work out. Cyril was hesitant to ask Eddie if he wouldn't mind moving over to Bass until the right player was found. But, he asked anyway and Eddie Munoz became the Bassist for Magic Christian. Eddie digs the scene on Bass so much he may only play guitar on Magic Christian recordings.

One day after enduring a seemingly endless procession of eager prospects tanking their auditions for Magic Christian, Clem Burke from Blondie calls up about the vacancy on Drums. Clem had heard it through the grapevine that Magic Christian was looking for a skins person.

Clem was immediately hipped to and dug the great tunes and musical direction Cyril Jordan was creating. Clem Burke, the distinguished and amazing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer from Blondie, The Eurythmics, Chequered Past, Romantics, The Plimsouls, Nancy Sinatra and too many more to mention said 'Yeah! I'll do it!'!

At that instant, Magic Christian became more than an extraordinary band with incredible pop songs. They became a Force of Nature. Here's Magic Christian! Sparkling, melodic and driving Rock and Roll from a Band of take-charge musicians who share an enthusiastic and energetic new approach to Rock's classic forms. The Magic Christian Psychedelic Rock and Roll Machine is now setting forth to set an iconoclastic yet defining standard of Rock and Roll for this new Century of mostly disposable, stylized and grossly derivative pop rock and roll acts.


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