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Lucy and the Rats

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Lucy Spazzy - Vocals, guitar
Mike Cannibal - Bass
Joe To Lose- Guitar
Manu - Drums


Summer 2015. Lucy has been in London for a year and is bored of playing at home by herself. She needs a band badly so she assembles together a bunch of deadbeats and outcasts from the punk rock underworld and starts rehearsing. Manu, Mike and Joe, who were together in Michael Jackson become the Rats. Why not? How could you mess up such simple songs? The invention works! The melodies become power pop tunes and after a few rehearsals (if you could call it that) they start recording them. There you go, what you get from that is Lucy and the Rats, a kick ass punk band playing Lucy's catchy melodies. It sounds fresh and new, the audience likes it. It doesn't take long to find record labels interested. Monster Zero release their first 7", "Girl"; Surfin' Ki the second one, "This Situation". Dirty Water take on the digital releases. With the records in their hands the band starts booking gigs abroad. Spain, Italy, Greece, and a South American tour on the horizon. Not to be missed.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Lucy-and-the-Rats-817424101645809/



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