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Adventurous garage rock’n’roll scientists THE KITS deliver their second album, ‘Lead Us Into Temptation’. They’ve teamed up with producer Chris Bailey (leader of punk pioneers and fellow ex-pats The Saints) to create a mind-expanding, genre-challenging catalogue.

In earlier times, THE KITS were a product of the Melbourne underground scene, where their radical take on garage drew admirers such as The Saints’ Chris Bailey, Beasts of Bourbon’s Spencer P Jones and The Surrealists’ Kim Salmon. This resulted in invitations to tour with the aforementioned bands around Australia, before the decision was made by brothers and founders Kit and Jay Atkinson to try their sound in Europe, as they uprooted to London in 2007.

Taking on-board new members Owen Eszeki (Bit By Bats/ Sailors & Swine - Australian) and Marc Bonet (fresh blood - Spain), they earned themselves a cult following across Europe and the UK through extensive touring over the next 3 years. Sharing stages with like-minded souls The Dirtbombs, The Night Marchers and Band of Skulls, in support of the debut album ‘Primitive Tales’ (Dirty Water Records, 2008), THE KITS still maintained contact with Bailey, even backing him for a set at an infamous London gig when The Saints’ bassist was unable to make the show. Conversations soon followed, and the inevitable was realised when Bailey joined The Kits in a snowed-in English countryside studio to produce the key tracks that would form their follow-up album, ‘Lead Us Into Temptation’.

Stand-out tracks from the sessions included ‘Detroit Feeling’ and current single ‘Salvation’, a lurching beast of menacing riffs that drew lunatic-Johnny Cash comparisons. Together, band and producer created a foundation of genre-challenging and mind-expanding garage rock’n’roll sounds, with enough hooks and climaxes to centre an album around. The band soon returned to the studio with original session engineer Michael Smith to complete the album, adding space and clutter where necessary to give it the life it deserved.

The result is ‘Lead Us Into Temptation’, an ambitious garage rock’n’roll album of brutal lows and revelatory highs, as waves of slow-burning guitar psychedelia rise into glorious sixties pop and surf gems.


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