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Kinoco Hotel

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Marianne Shinonome: Vocals & Keyboard 
Isabelle-Keme Kamogawa: Guitar 
Fabianne Inawashiro: Drums  
Julietta Kirishima: Bass



Kinoco Hotel is a 4-piece Japanese girls band formed around a sexy, outrageous, very talented singer/song-writer/organ player Marianne Shinonome. Having released their debut album “Marianne No Yuutsu” (Marianne’s Melancholy) in 2010, they’ve been actively touring and playing at festivals all over Japan. In contrast of their pretty look, their live performance is electric and explosive: 60s fuzz guitar, biting punk sound, sophisticated progressive note, all deep and addictive beat. Characters so unique, the one and only band creates illusive music that is likely to exist but never did before.



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