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Johnny Quid:  Vocals
Ricky C:  Drums
Hermano J:  Guitar
Rory Seminal:  Bass


Formed early 2008 by various lowlife has beens and never weres from The Parkinsons, Shakin’ Nasties, Urban Shocks, Jackoffs and Menace, Johnny Throttle play real rock’n’roll the way it was meant to be – snotty, moronic and straight to the point. These urban mariachis (pretentious, moi!?) areJohnny Quid (vocals, amateur dramatics), Phlegm Gibson (guitar), Uncle J Khomeni (bass) and Ricky C (bongos). They bang out a furious 20-minute (smoking ban-friendly) set of short and catchy Modern Lovers meet Slaughter and the Dogs meet the Electric Eels inspired mini-operas with the kind of incompetent teenage enthusiasm which only the borderline middle-aged can truly muster.


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