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The Jack Cades





Mike Whittaker - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Elsa Grooveh - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Alexandra Cools - Bass
Mole - Drums, Backing Vocals


Pedigrees don't come much better than the Mystreated, State Records, the Embrooks, the Higher State, Speedball Jr, Hipsville/Weirdsville, the Missing Souls, the Baron Four, and Thee Vicars.  Not to mention the Masonics, the Kaisers, and the Wildebeests.

The Jack Cades were born in late 2017 when Mike (Lead Guitar, Vocals) and Elsa (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) decided to record some of their songs at Mole's (Drums) notorious State Records Studios in Folkestone, Kent. They invited John Gibbs (The Masonics, The Wildebeests) to record bass on some of their songs at the time, which resulted in a mini debut LP "Music for Children", which will be released May 18th on Dirty Water Records.

At first, the band wasn't sure if it could work full-time as everybody was pretty busy on the garage/Soul/Freakbeat/other undefined musical genre scene.

Mike, Mole, and Elsa are all in other bands (The Baron Four, The Embrooks, The Galileo 7, The Missing Souls...) But, after recording, it wasn't a difficult decision to make. It sounded too good!  The Jack Cades had to play live!

They then had the brilliant idea of asking the lovely Alexandra (Speedball Jr, Hipsville/Weirdsville) to join them on bass who bit their hand off as if it was a mussel.

The Jack Cades is a mix of a shared passion for inspirational sounds such as 1960s Garage bands, Snotty Punk from the 1970s, Sun-kissed sweaty Rhythm n' Blues, and a lot of inspirational people.

If this means nothing to you, it doesn't matter. Just listen to The Jack Cades and come see them play live, as music is for the soul and the ears, not for the eyes.



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