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MFC Chicken - Lake Bears!

Imagine you're swimming in a cool, calm Canadian lake on a pleasant, peaceful summer's eve.  You hear the tranquil, tremulous call of the wild loon.  You close your eyes and enjoy a sense of deep relaxation.  Then, your spine tingles as your foot touches something furry under the water.  Is it a mossy rock?  A fuzzy log?  No... it's a LAKE BEAR!

LAKE BEARS! is an exciting, yet-to-be-released masterpiece of terror, the like of which has not yet been seen on the big screen, small screen, or screens of any size for that matter.  LAKE BEARS! will change your nightmares forever!  They will now feature many more lakes, and plenty more bears.  And with a soundtrack featuring the most promising rock & roll combo in the land, MFC CHICKEN, it's sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.  (Parental guidance advised for young and impressionable children and bears).  LAKE BEARS!

starring SPENCER EVOY as the swingin', singin' sax player
as the eclectic electric guitarists
and RAVI LOW-BEER on the bear-skin beat
featuring the paws of PASTOR ANGUS McPAKE on piano


Track list:

A - LAKE BEARS Theme Song (vocal)

B - Main Title Theme from LAKE BEARS (instrumental)

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