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Los Chicos - Rockpile of Shit

Los Chicos have been blasting rock and roll joy for more than 15 years now and their mix of pub-rock-punk and country-gospel-punk-soul has blown out so many stages all over the world, conquering every bar, venue and festival stage they’ve stepped onto. As always, they are hungry for action and awaiting their moment to explode through their amps. They’ve now toured across the world, including four times in Australian, where amazed crowds have witnessed the crazy revolution of guitars, flip flops and rock and roll community that these boys deliver live. And they always deliver!

A non-stoppable shaking praying dancing jumping frontman (Rafa Suñén), two identical twins firing guitars and sweating pure rock and roll happiness (Gerardo and Antonio Urchaga), a V-8 motor fuelled bass player with the Motor City inside him (Guille Casanova) and a clock-like machine drummer driving this non stoppable bull (Ral García). They come with their brand new album under their wings, Rockpile of Shit, a joint Dirty Water Records and FOLC Records release, and their shoes are on fire to play it live like is the last party on this planet.

Their first single came out in 2002, followed the next year by the album Shakin’ & Prayin’. Then they recorded Fat Spark in 2005, also for H-Records. In 2007 they recorded Launching Rockets as a joint Dirty Water Records and Rock Is Pain release. Then there was the single ‘We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit’ in 2009 (based upon a true story) and the LP of the same name in 2010, both of them on Dirty Water. Then, in 2013, they released In The Age Of Stupidity, again on Dirty Water, and produced, like the previous two albums, by Mike Mariconda (New Bomb Turks, Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs).

They've shared the stage with Mudhoney, Southern Culture on the Skids, King Khan, The Sonics, Johnny Casino, Soundtrack of our Lives, Redd Kross, Cosmic Psychos, Spencer P Jones, The New Christs, The Young Fresh Fellows, The Meanies, Barrence Whitfield, Hi-Risers, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Roy Loney, and so many other greats that have fallen into the big rock and roll family this band gathers.

So get ready for a band that will lift you up, shake you endlessly and set your feet on fire while you jump and swing in the ultimate rock and roll rocket journey. It’s Los Chicos party time again!


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