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Paul Le Brock:  Vocals
Justin Cunningham:  Guitar
Al Tapps:  Bass
Mr. Stix:  Drums

Former members:

Lee Tea:  Bass
Richie Walker - Drums


When their “Dial ‘E’ for Excitement” EP (Dirty Water) was released, NME said: 'Conforming to the rule that any band who spell “The” with two “e”s will always be beer-soaked garage rockers, the second single from Thee Exciters comprises four songs, each more beer-soaked and garage-rockin’ than the last. Fittingly for a band whose singer has a reputation for on-stage nudity, the likes of “Ugly Face” and “Things Ain't Right” are the kind of songs that in the unlikely event that they woke up one morning as dogs would be muzzled, or at the very least made to wear one of those funny plastic cones around their heads to stop them chewing their own balls. An oblique recommendation, yes, but we're standing by it.'

Mojo magazine, meanwhile, declared that: '...this band’s four tracker is shot through with a raging garage scuzz that is only properly realised on black plastic. Songs tell of being driven wild by young women, wanting to start a riot and, on “Ugly Face”, a lousy attitude. When vocalist Paul Le-Brock howls “I hate your ugly face” you know the band mines the Nuggets motherlode. If this is your kind of thing, a deep sense of well-being awaits.'

Thee Exciters are a groovy, hip-shaking bastardization of the first Them album that’s been copulating with the energy of The Shadows of Knights. “Things Ain’t Right” is the Count Five reborn – psychotic reaction indeed! But they’re not completely lost in the art of retrofication since they infuse a whole lotta punk attitude in their tunes. Yes! It’s righteous, strip-me-naked-and-paint-me FUZZ RAWK! 




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