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Garageland #88: Newtown Neurotics + Randy Savages + Young Francis

The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road Camden
NW1 8AJ London

Please come early - the first band starts at 8:30pm sharp and live music finishes at 10:45pm!! DJs spin '77+ punk rock, snarling '60s garage and raw rock 'n' roll til 1:00!!

(Donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed - we'll pass a donation box!!)

Newtown Neurotics

Formed in 1979 by Steve Drewett, they began like so many others to attempt to get their clumsy fingers around three chords and ape the Ramones who were their heroes.

Randy Savages


'Screeching out of a North London lock up on a stolen moped, Randy Savages are the missing link between cheap speed and Cheap Trick.

On a mission to rid the current music scene of mediocre rock'n'roll clowns and punk rock clones Randy Savages are a truck load of aural viagra with more hooks than a St Trinians cloakroom.'

Young Francis

Young Francis is a One Man Punk Band from Brighton. He plays guitar by hand, drums by foot and shouts by mouth - there are no pedals, no loops, no tricks, just raw garage punk power.

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