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Garageland #87: Bad Nerves + The Gee Strings + Trash Culture

The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road
NW1 8AJ London

Bad Nerves
The Gee Strings (Germany)
Trash Culture

DJs. Colorado & Kris Hood!!

Please come early - the first band starts at 9:00pm sharp and live music finishes at 11pm!! Then DJs spinning '77+ punk rock, snarling '60s garage and raw rock 'n' roll til 1:00!!

(Donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed - we'll pass a donation box!!)

Bad Nerves

"Surf punk that sounds like a gang of friends high on speed playing so hard and fast it seems like they're purposely trying to break every string and drum skin in front of them".

The Gee Strings

Undoubtedly, The Gee Strings are one of the outstanding ´77 punkrock bands in Europe. With authentic and sovereign raw energy, they passionately blast their 2 minute songs through the speakers, always with the optimal doses of sex, sweat, and rock & roll.

Influenced by the Sex Pistols, Heartbreakers, The Stooges, and of course, the Ramones, The Gee Strings create their own convincing punk rock & roll of international quality, not only regarding their live performance. Their dirty, catchy songs, somewhere between Detroit and New York ´74 and London ´77, are crowned with the voice and inimitable stage show by female lead singer Ingi Pop.

Their third album “Arrest Me” brought out by the American punkrock label Dead Beat Records, has received celebratory reviews in fanzines everywhere. All Gee Strings recordings have by now also been released by various South American labels (see the discography). A Best Of Compilation is released on Revell Yell Music in Japan.

Since 1994 they have performed over 600 live shows in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, France and Spain on occasions with Turbonegro, The Stitches, Antiseen and Dead Moon. They have also been on the same ticket touring with the Buzzcocks and The Lurkers. Their 2002 and 2003 tours through Brazil were, not to say the least, full of adventure and inspiration.

Ingi Pop (often named Germany´s Joan Jett) who´s rock´n´roll lifestyle has irreparably taken one set of her vocal chords and guitarjunkie Bernadette (over 6-foot tall, effeminately made-up and rarely seen without a guitar in his hands) started the band in the early nineties. Furthermore, Bernadette is busy with recordings and gigs around Europe playing with The 60´s Garage Punksters The Morlocks and played with US – Punk Rock legends Sonny Vincent (ex - Testors) and Scott “ Deluxe” Drake (The Humpers). Nelson on bass and Viktor Ramirez on drums make up the perfect line up.

Whereas the 4 th longplayer “ A Bunch Of Bugs” has been released on the US Label Dead Beat Records once again, the vinyl version is this time also available on Stereodrive / Greenhell Records in Germany. In Japan, a CD version came out on Attitude Records. A brandnew 7 " is coming up in spring 2015 on No Front Teeth Records! The 5 th longplayer “ I´m So Gee !!” will be out in 2016! Out in Spain on Ghost Highway and KOTJ Records and in France on Adrenaline Fix Music and Strychnine Records.

Trash Culture

Trash Culture is the perfect soundtrack on a Friday night as you crack your first beer, jump and pogo. Trash Culture is the culture of just about living, working for records, beers, rehearsals and gigs. Trash Culture is getting inspiration out of shitty jobs rising out the shit every weekend to be pissed off during the week. Trash Culture is playing music because we have to, for if we don't we will kill our work colleagues.

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