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Weirdsville: Les Lullies + Lucy & the Rats + DJs

Fiddler's Elbow
1 Malden Road
NW5 3HS London

Les Lullies (Fr)
Punk rock 77 style, simple, fast, raw and direct. These kids from the south of France know exactly what to do with 3 chords, catchy hooks and plenty of style! They’ve earned their stripes in bands like Les Grys-Grys, Flying Over or The Suzards.

Lucy and the Rats
he Rats are Aussie punk rock legend Lucy Spazzy's new London backing outfit. According to a (sadly now deceased) witness, their sound comes across like a lab experiment gone wrong, the most delicate of hamsters being ravaged by the filthiest sewer rat whilst humming the sweetest of sweet melodies... Science gone, indeed, too far!! With Manu (Thee Tumbitas) on drums, and Mike Cannibal (Animal Cannibal) and Joe (Johnny Throttle) on the twin guitar assault, you know these rodents are here to bite you!! Here Come the Rats!!!

DJ Party with Mr A & Miss A (Weirdsville) till 3am

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