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Weirdsville/Dirty Water present: Escobar (Fr) + Suicide Generation + Pink Cigar + DJs

The Finsbury

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/771742306351441/

Advance, discount, no-fee tickets:  http://www.tinyurl.com/dwctickets

Escobar was formed in 2014 in Limoges, France, by Remi Lucas (Weird Omen, The Anomalys) and Charly Kayo (The Bushmen, Daria). The band’s 2015 debut, エスコバル and the 2016 second album, Bird Of Prey, met wide acclaim. Escobar’s grunge-and-roll sound hearkens to Suicide and Nirvana. Escobar is now a 2-man pirate galleon, operating in cold waters, bloodied by the feast of a useless third.

They return for their third LP, "The Biggest Sound", hitting the early 90s grunge sound right on the head. Louder Than War writes: "One of the unfortunate fallouts from the success of the 90s Seattle sound that defined a generation for so many was the propulsion of some truly terrible groups to the top of the charts. Attempting to imitate the sound created during that time for a mainstream stadium rock audience just didn’t work.""

"23 years after the beginning of grunge’s demise, France’s Escobar have produced an album that drags that original sound back up by the scruff of its neck, gives it a good kicking of visceral angst, and sends it back out into the world once again. Listening to The Biggest Sound, it’s almost as if the world stopped turning in 1993, and we’re all a hell of a lot better off for it."

Pure adrenalin-fuelled aural riot and abandon"- Louder Than War

WOW IT SLAMS! Dirty Water Records was right! Rarely is a record so clearly a pure collection of classics!"- Voix de Garage (FR)



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