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Garageland#84: Blatoidea + The Vagabonds 77 + Voodoo Healers.

The Lock Tavern
35 Chalk Farm Road

NW1 8AJ London

Blatoidea + The Vagabonds 77 + Voodoo Healers.

Please come early - the first band starts at 9:00pm sharp and live music finishes at 11pm!!

DJ Liam Revenge & DJ Dicky Tummy

(Donations will be greatly appreciated & are needed - we'll pass a donation box!!).


Blatoidea is a four piece Punk band, based in London formed in 2008.
The sound is in big part inspired from early uk 80s bands, mixed to some Rock n' Roll and Thrash. The band managed to build a solid following tourng and playing shows in Uk, all over Europe and Japan playied also festivals like the notorious Rebellion Festival, Pod Parou, Vivelepunk, Kappunk and shared the stage with bands like Jello Biafra,UK Subs The Casualties, GBH, Discharge,Subhumans..
Thru the years they released 1 Demo "Start an Infection", 1 Ep "Alive" and 2 studio albums, 
"Infected" (2013) and most recently "Pesticide" (2015). 

Current Line up:

Manu - Guitar, Vocals
T-Rex - Guitar, Vocals
Jacko - Bass, Vocals
Andrea - Drums

The Vagabonds 77
Formed in the summer of 2011, Vagabonds 77 is a 4 piece punk rock band based in Athens (Greece). Consisted by fellow individuals who feel the need to create music inspired from bad and good times, sober hard working days and drunk hard to remember nights, trying to stay alive and express through music in a dirty and impersonal city. Tuneful guitar riffs blended with sharp and sing-along vocals (mainly in English) consist a sound for people who seek redemption through punk rock like we do!

The band has released 2 full length albums, “Time Is Right” (2011) and “Our Sound Our Life...” (2015) (both completely independently) and in September of 2017 will release a 6 track LP.

The past 5 years the band has done many shows all over Greece achieving to build a very strong following, also made a very successful U.K. tour including an appearance in “Punks Against Cancer #2 Festival” in Derby.

Voodoo Healers
Voodoo Healers is a Punk Rock n Roll /High Energy Rock 'n' Roll band from Thessaloniki (at least that's the way that they describe their music). They begun in 2000 but it wasn't until 2003 that they have started existing as a real band. With influences from bands like The Stooges, MC5, The Ramones, The Clash etc., they are probably the only Greek band that has a similar musical attitude to those referred.

They have released three albums "Living In A Dogville" (2006) "Dawn Of A Day" (2011) and "First You Dream After You Die" (2014) they have also participated in a tribute collection for the mighty Sky "Sunlight" Saxon covering his song “Out Of The Question”.

Voodoo Healers can also be considered as a travelling band with two major tours every year, across Greece and across the rest of the Europe! They have supported some great bands of the Rock 'n' Roll scene and they still remain "alive 'n' kickin'" ready to hit the road again and present their music to the world!

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