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Krampus Nacht

Paper Dress Vintage
352A Mare Street
Hackney Central
E8 1HR London

Pagan folklore describes a horned creature - half goat, half demon. This horrific beast is Krampus. He pals around with Saint Nick (aka Santa Claus) doling out punishment to naughty children.

Music folklore describes a band of rock’n’rollers - half hillbilly, half punk. Led by Lux, a garbageman, and Ivy, a she-devil, these are The Cramps and they got good taste.

Let’s honour The Cramps this Krampus with a god-damned rock’n’roll party!

NIGHT SHADES - London-based garage punk, rock’n’roll band playing noisy, darkly romantic and inescapably haunting sounds. Night Shades

THE PONCES - Eclectic musical concoction of rhythm'n'blues, rock’n’roll punk, jazz and Latin exotica, with original ambiguous lyrics. The Ponces

LOVERS CLUB - The best rock and roll band in the world. Lovers Club

DAS CLAMPS - Two piece band in shape of clams doing Cramps covers, tunes that The Cramps loved and their own crampy songs. Das Clamps

DJs: Diddy Wah (NTS Radio), Fritz (Buzzsaw Joint), Col Of The Wighat (Lux Lives)

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Later Event: December 9
The Briefs - Live in London!

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