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Some Weird Sin: Black Doldrums + Moto Vamp + A Void + Zardoz

596 Holloway Road
N7 6LB London

Black Doldrums @10.15pm
"Sexy heavy-fuzz guitar that lures you in before hitting you with the pounding beat. Their dark sound makes a b-line straight for your nervous system and reverberates around yer skull till your brain just quits thinkin’ for the day and takes off on a fuzzed-up psyched-out holiday"

Moto Vamp @9.30pm
Expect a lethal dose of Russ Meyer-moto babe-psychedelic-garage-punk-madness!

A Void @8.45pm
"3 piece sonic band that don't care about sounding shitty because the chick who plays guitar shows her tits on stage"

Zardoz @8.00pm
Satanic synths, dystopian disco & perverse pop.

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Later Event: February 3
Mr. Airplane Man

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