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Dirty Water Club December: THE PARKINSONS + Scraps + Plastic Propaganda (Germany)

  • The Finsbury 336 Green Lanes London N4 1BY United Kingdom (map)


London. The dawn of the new Millenium. The Britpop party is over and the UK music scene is suffering from a severe hangover. The promise that Things Can Only Get Better now seems like a distant dream. Then, as if from nowhere, The Parkinsons burst onto the scene and give the music business a shot in the arm and a kick up the arse.

Singer Afonso, guitarist Victor, and bassist Pedro, met in their home town of Coimbra, Portugal - land of Madeira, Catholicism and boredom. Relocating to London, in search of adventure, they teamed up with fiery Scottish drummer Chris Low.

They swiftly built a reputation for chaos, revealing their penchant forgetting naked on stage and attempting to abuse anyone or anything that refused to worship at their altar of rock'n'roll damnation. In the shadows, The Libertines and Razorlight were taking notes.

Having conquered London, The Parkinsons were unleashed onto the rest of the UK, receiving ecstatic responses and rave reviews wherever they went.

By 2002, The Parkinsons were plastered all over the press, radio, TV, and every major UK music festival – upsetting everybody from venue staff to the Queen in the process. Undeterred, Japan welcomed them with open arms and snapped them up for the biggest ever tour undertaken there by a Western band.

The Parkinsons’ story is extraordinary. But was their journey just a long way to nowhere? Find out in this unique, hilarious, moving and ultimately deeply human story of maximum rock’n’roll, the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.

This gig is to support the premier of a documentary about the band, made by Caroline Richards, which will be screened at The Prince Charles Cinema, on Monday 14th December.


Scrappy, smelly, melodic... punk!

With members figuring at the frontline of the London punk scene, Scraps got put together out of boredom...

Liam started jamming with Bobby in December 2013. Songs got written and the hunt for a drummer begun. At a gig in camden we bumped into Kris Hood and after a fag and a discussion of shoes he was in!

Says the band: 'Music is art but as a band you've got the power to make so much more then "just" music. We love the fact that we are able to express ourselves however we want. If its about being heartbroken or in love, that the society gone wrong or if its just about that great night out the other day all says something about us and how we feel as young guys living in London trying to make the most out of life.'

With an energetic stage show they always look as though they are have so much fun playing live - it's clear that it's important for the band that the crowd have a good time as well as them, to feed off each other. You'll feel this yourself when you see them.


Plastic Propaganda was founded in Spring of 2012, after the end of Julian and Pablo's former punk group (but not the end of their eagerness to continue making music together.) They were quickly joined by Nina who at that point looked back on eight years of playing the violin in an orchestra. Since the two boys wanted to play rhythm and lead guitar, she picked up the bass, an instrument completely foreign to her, in a truly punkish "I might as well.." attitude. Having auditioned the vast number of two drummers, they came across Johannt. Only four months later, they played their debut on the Hamburg scene, opening up for local punk veterans, Razors. 

Bent on putting out some material, they recorded a demo and they had their portrait stickers printed which are based on their trademark black, white and pink colour scheme. The CD-R gained them some recognition as it differed from the sound of their Hamburg peers, who generally go for a cruder version of punk rock, called Deutschpunk. Gigs on the Hamburg circuit followed, opening up for acts such as Thee Spivs and the Cyanide Pills, all the while drawing bigger and bigger crowds who watched them evolve. 

They went out and about, eventually playing in Berlin in August 2013 when they became friends with German punk producer Smail Shock who himself gained some fame for having played in the Shocks, who decided to record their debut recording proper. The album was released on 24th April, 2015 on what turned out to be their most crowded show in their favourite club, the Cobra Bar, right in the midst of Hamburg, St. Pauli. 

With this invitation to play in London, they are more than excited to finally go to the place the music they love came from in the late ’70s.

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