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Dirty Water Club - July: Everlasting Yeah, Nervous Twitch

  • Boston Arms Music Room 178 Junction Rd London, N19 5QQ United Kingdom (map)

A low growling noise.

A chant heard from the street,
A wait,
A long, patient wait,
then an everlasting YEAH

Ex-THAT PETROL EMOTION sing the Keltic Kosmische Musik.

TPE were true one-offs. A myriad of influences, a back catalogue stuffed with brilliant songs, a group blessed with gifted songwriters, a killer live act and above all a bunch a friends who were (and still remain) fans of music.

Now four members of the final line-up (Ciaran, Raymond, Brendan and Damian) have returned with a brand new sound - THE EVERLASTING YEAH.

These musicians are still hungry, still passionate, they still care. The emphasis is on the collective – this time the whole tribe sings. During 2012 and 2013 they played some low key ecstatically received gigs in London and Oxford. Since then they have been writing and honing a truly killer set of songs that can be heard on their forthcoming debut album release entitled “Anima Rising”.

Of course there are echoes of the Petrol’s signature sound; however, this is very much an upgrade on the classic template of melody-harmony-beat-noise. Some say their music is Celtic Cosmic Music, others just say 'OH YEAH!'

Renowned Irish DJ/musician David Holmes on hearing the EVERLASTING YEAH quipped: "They have more hooks in the first minute of their songs than most bands have in their entire career!"

Their musical reference points are impeccable and the originality is undoubted. These are men with a history and body of work that stands comparison in any company but this is a brand new rock'n'roll band.

If you have surveyed the current scene and wistfully asked yourself “Where is the excitement, where are the thrills, where is the energy?” then your prayers have been answered. Do not waste this opportunity. All say yeah to the Yeah, all hail The Ye Ye Boys!

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Advance / membs / concs £10.00 door £12.00

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