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MFC Chicken - Goin' Chicken Crazy

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  • Spencer Evoy:  Sax, Vocals
  • Alberto Zioli:  Guitar, Vocals
  • Ravi Low-Beer:  Drums
  • Zig Criscuolo:  Bass
  • Angus McPake / Reverend Parsley:  Keyboards

MFC Chicken Hall of Fame:

  • Bret Bolton:  Bass
  • Fernando Terror:  Bass

Press Release:

MFC Chicken is back in action with Colonel Spencer back from spending another well-dressed summer hidden deep within the Canadian Wilderness. The Chickens are ready to take Europe by storm with a new album and extended tour of Spain and the UK. 
After debuting an expanded all-star DELUXE line up at Spring 2016's Hipsville Festival to great acclaim and significant excitement, MFC Chicken have taken this new and improved recipe into the studio for their latest and greatest album to date, GOIN' CHICKEN CRAZY. It keeps that same raw Chicken energy, humour and party vibe that you fans have all come to know and love while adding extra punch and power with a load of special guest talent. 
In addition to the core line up of Spencer Evoy (Tenor Sax and Lead Vocals), Alberto Zioli (Lead guitar and vocals) Zig Criscuolo (Bass) and Ravi-Low Beer (Drums), the Deluxe line up includes Chuchi Malapersona (Oh! Gunquit) on baritone sax, Dan Criscuolo (The Fuzillis)  on baritone guitar,  Tim Harrison (The Caezars) on piano, as well as veteran Chickens The Reverend Parsley on guest keys and Fernando Terror sharing double lead vocals with Spencer on one of the albums' most lyrically inappropriate tunes. 
The Deluxe Chicken line up will feature at the October 20th Dirty Water Club album launch party at Nambucca (located on the legendary birth road  of MFC Chicken, Holloway Road), and at several of the Spanish dates on MFC extensive Iberian tour taking place late October/November 2016. 
In addition to their new album set for official release in November 2016, MFC have more exciting poultry products in the pipe line. They've been in the studio with Sister Cookie, recording two more exciting tunes for their second collaborative single and, after an unforgettable performance backing up the legendary GARY US BONDS at the Surforama Festival in Spain, they're in the process of collaborating with the R&B legend for a brand new single. Stay tuned for updates!


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