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Muck and the Mires vs The Fadeaways - Creature Double Feature

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Muck and the Mires:

Muck - Guitar, vocals
John Quincy Mire - Bass
Pedro Mire - Guitar, vocals
Jessie Best-Drums


The Fadeaways:

Toyozo - Vox, bass
Sakurai-boy - Guitar
Ozzy - Drums

Press release:

You all have heard of The, right? Yeah, they were in a Tarantino movie. (And also because the Dirty Water Club has put them on a half dozen or so times over the years, right?) But did you know that Japan is actually a hotbed of full-on crazy rock’n’roll action and those Kill Bill gals are just the tip of a very big iceberg?

There are many great bands from the land of the rising sun, but just about one of the best right now is The Fadeaways. And, of course, when Dirty Water Records fave American band, Muck and the Mires ,the one chosen by Little Steven Van Zandt (Springsteen’s E Street Band & The Sopranos) as THE best garage band in the USA (out of a 10,000 strong competition), is going to tour Japan again, they have to choose the best to be their tour partner. 

To commemorate this great occasion, Dirty Water is releasing a split single featuring the best of Japan and the USA on one solid black slab of seven inch vinyl. 

The Fadeaways are fresh from playing their stomping three chord teenage craze garage punk at the Burger Boogaloo in California, hosted by the titan of trash, John Waters and teen runaway turned actress Traci Lords, where they shared a stage with King Khan & the Shrines, The Mummies, Shannon & the Clams, The Oh Sees, The Flamin Groovies and The Real Kids, amonsgt many other notable rock’n’roll bands and garage punk band. Few of them can match the pure energy and attack of The Fadeaways on a good day. 

Muck & the Mires, meanwhile, are stalwarts of Dirty Water Records, with numerous albums and singles already, and annual tours around Europe and the rest of the world. Legendary producer Kim Fowley who worked on their earlier releases rightly described them as ‘the 1964 Beatles meeting the Ramones’. A garage band in the sixties tradition, they have funny stories about about hanging out with punk rock legends, while writing catchy tunes with hooks galore. This is rock’n’roll but with a pop sensibility. As one American reviewer talking about ‘I’m Down With That’, their first Dirty Water single, said, ‘In a better world, this would be a hit!’


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