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The Sons of Bido Lito - Avalanche

Artist:   The Sons of Bido Lito
Title:   Avalanche
Catalogue No.:   DWC1081
Label:   Dirty Water Records
Format:   7" vinyl and download
Distribution:   Cargo
Release date:  14 October 2015

THE SONS OF BIDO LITO are a sixties influenced band with a difference. Named after the Los Angeles hangout of their musical heroes (Doors/Love/Captain Beefheart), they eschew the more fashionable strands of psychedelia in favour of a darker and more menacing sound; their scuzzy, cinematic music is not out of place alongside the fantastic nightmares of Joe Meek’s more sinister sounding recordings. Their songs are three minute gems, sensual and powerful, drenched in a haunting yet soulful carnival organ, with jangling guitars and pounding jungle rockabilly drumming.

The Sons of Bido Lito began to germinate in Sunderland in the glorious summer of 2011, amongst a backdrop of hazy sunshine, leafy trees and some old Sergio Leone film tapes. Creating music drenched in jangling guitars, a haunting carnival organ and pounding jungle drums, their 3-minute gems are sure to get feet a-tappin’ like an old Mississippi blues man

Since then they’ve supported Jaco Gardner and James Skelly & the Intenders, as well as performing at the Stockton Weekender on a bill which included Primal Scream. ‘We were just buzzing, seeing our name on the same poster as them. And then we had a pint with Bobby and Andy afterwards who told us about playing with Arthur Lee of Love in the 1990s. Amazing.’

While their love for sixties psych is easy to see, with writers comparing them to The Coral, in the van on tour they’ll be playing Little Richard one minute, The Jam the next, followed by some Jamaican ska and rocksteady, and then the Everly Brothers. “It’s a good mix,” says the band. The wide mixture of influences allows them to create a unique sound, with no comformities or strict genres to stick to, moving away from the conventions of modern music and creating their own personality as a band.

But when it comes down to it, their songs are still three minute pop songs that ‘in an ideal world could have been produced by Phil Spector’. And with some of those songs already being used by the likes of FIFA and Heineken, it’s high time music lovers worldwide followed suit and learn to love the Sons of Bido Lito.


A - Avalanche
B - 12 Commandments


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