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Beyond the anthemic title track, which deserves to be one of those tracks you play as you get ready to go out on the town, each track is as fresh as the last.
— Funkalicious

Big Smoke London Town

The Dustaphonics

June 30th 2014
DWC1073, Dirty Water Records
LP, CD, Download

Originally started down a Hackney back alley as the backing band for B-movie goddess, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill star, Tura Satana’s latest film, The Dustaphonics have now cemented themselves as fixtures on London’s live music scene. Following on from the single ‘Burlesque Queen’ (which featured lyrics penned by Satana herself prior to her untimely death), their first album (Party Girl – Dirty Water Records CD/KingAling Records LP) saw former T-Rex manager Jeff Dexter calling them ‘one of the best bands I’ve seen in England in years’, whilst Happening magazine said that ‘in a market saturated by trash, The Dustaphonics occupy the space where the talented few, committed and bright, stick to their guns’.

Some groups are capable of doing things more intensely than others. The Dustaphonics is a group that knows how to grab your attention and get people dancing. The music is a fantastic mash-up that details their musical influences, from booze-soaked 1950s rhythm and blues, vintage stomping ‘buttshaker’ soul, ’60s garage rock and british beat/r&b, Vegas lounge, sleazy grind instrumentals and surf guitar. And the whole deal is sealed and delivered with the spirit of ’70s punk.

The Dustaphonics take you to another world: the best of vintage music styles with the rocking yet soulful vocals from a sensual and gorgeous fiery-haired vocalist – but performed and produced in a way that can suit modern ears. This has the best of both worlds, enough to satisfy both the vintage music purists and those who want something new on their plate with an up to date feel.

Although the influences are vintage, there is something remarkably and distinctively fresh and progressive about their songs that takes the music beyond simple imitation and infuses it with tremendous energy and passion. The Dustaphonics features: Hayley Red on vocals; guitarist and producer of the project, the acclaimed disc jockey Yvan Serrano (aka Healer Selecta); on drums the near-legendary Bruce Brand or Eric Frajiria; and Dan Whaley on bass.


  1. The Message
  2. When You Gonna Learn
  3. Big Smoke London Town
  4. Grand Prix
  5. Ride on Louisiana Red
  6. Rockin Boogaloo
  7. Don’t Let the Devil Drive
  8. Your Car
  9. Back to Mono
  10. Fire Dance
  11. Mojo Yar Bones
  12. Flesh & Blood


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