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Muck and the Mires - Dial "M" for Muck



Muck:  Guitar, vocals
Pedro Mire: Guitar, vocals
Jessie Best:  Drums
John Quincy Muck:  Bass

Press Release:

DIRTY WATER RECORDS presents DIAL M FOR MUCK, The latest release from MUCK & THE MIRES! Boston’s inter¬national ambassadors of garage rock‘n’roll have once again teamed up with JIM DIAMOND (White Stripes) and KIM FOWLEY for an explosive 12-song scorcher of an album!

FOWLEY, best known as the genius behind the legendary all-female rock band The Runaways, describes the band as a cross between the 1964 BEATLES and the 1977 RAMONES. On DIAL “M” FOR MUCK, Muck and the Mires expand these influences to include hints of 60’S BUBBLE GUM, 70S POWERPOP and even A LITTLE BIT O’ SOUL!
Muck and the Mires have built a worldwide following through relentless touring, radio and satellite airplay and a string of recordings considered by many to be cult classics. Their British Invasion-style songs are all two minutes long and ALL POTENTIAL HITS and their live show is a high energy blast of fast-paced, post-punk gritty garage rock and roll. 

Formed in 2000, MUCK AND THE MIRES are the first group to ever have a “Best Of” collection released before ever playing a note together; (All Mucked Up -The Best of Muck and the Mires). In reality, these raw recordings were home demos created by Muck (Evan Shore, formerly of The Queers and The Voodoo Dolls) issued on CD in Canada on AMP RECORDS and subsequently on vinyl by Soundflat Records of Germany. Following the immediate success of this album, Muck assembled the real-life Muck and the Mires whose current lineup features original drummer JESSIE BEST, long-time bassist JOHN QUINCY MIRE, and the recent return of founding lead guitarist PEDRO MIRE.

Some career highlights include:

•    Featured on MTV as the winners of LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT’S (E-Street band/Underground Garage) national battle of the garage bands contest. Toured Europe and quickly built a large following both home and abroad thanks to strong airplay and worldwide live appearances with NY Dolls, Dictators, MC5, Dick Dale, Kaiser Chiefs, Pete Best, Ray Davies, Supersuckers and many more.

•    Caught In A Lie” appeared in the HISTORY CHANNEL’S film “Vietnam in HD” and is featured on the album “1-2-3-4” released jointly on DIONYSUS RECORDS (Burbank, California) and Soundflat Records (Germany)

•     “1-2-3-4” received a 4-star rating from England’s prestigious Uncut Magazine, prompting their first UK tour. In Liverpool, they headlined the famous Cavern Club and caught the attention of EX-BEATLES MANAGER Allan Williams. It should be noted that, despite their offer to employee him, “The man who gave away the Beatles” also turned down Muck and the Mires. 

•    Kim Fowley produced the groups 2009 release “Hypnotic”, their first full-length for London’s DIRTY WATER RECORDS, where the group has set up shop ever since. 2011’s “A Cellarful of Muck” proved to be the group’s biggest album to date, even scoring record of the month on Spanish National Radio. 

Now it’s time to DIAL M FOR MUCK!

Release Date - 24 November 2014
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