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Give It Time

The Revellions

April 7th 2014
Dirty Water Records
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Ireland's best band THE REVELLIONS are back with a brand new album on Dirty Water Records, five years since we released their eponymous debut. This is a band that, when seen live, are compelling, winning over audiences instantly, even those who aren’t familiar with their pounding psychedelic garage rock’n’roll style of music. Those of you who have their first album and who saw them play live on previous visits to London will be no doubt be counting down the days.

  1. Bitter & twisted - 3:31
  2. Sighs - 3:34
  3. Don't wait for me - 3:15
  4. Give it time - 5:13
  5. In vino veritas - 4:25
  6. Somewhere in between - 4:43
  7. Strung out bad - 3:42
  8. The waltz - 3:43
  9. Drip - 4:44


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