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I Wanna Be Your Vicar

Thee Vicars

May 7th 2012
DWC1061, Dirty Water Records
Garage Punk/Beat, LP, CD, Download

Fall down to your knees because Thee Vicars are about to deliver another chunk of garage punk gospel!  Heralded as the “heirs to The Horrors” only with a better cut of suit, this Bury St Edmunds band won’t think twice about dragging your favourite indie chart toppers down an alley and kicking them “kung fu style” into orbit before setting their hair straighteners alight. Their words, not ours.

Now cut down to a three piece of Mike Whittaker, Chris Langeland and Alex De Renzi, they’ve never sounded better. This, their third album, still retains much of the mod-influenced garage-punk sound of their previous work but gives it a good dunk in the Mississippi until echoes of Memphis legends The Oblivians can be heard.

Upholding the garage-rock tradition of full throttle non stop gigging, Thee Vicars are constantly touring Europe and the UK, as well as having made a pair of jaunts to the USA. They’ve opened for the likes of The Horrors, Black Lips and everyone’s favourite bandage clad punks The Mummies, and it shouldn’t be long before these clergymen are taking centre stage themselves.  The Guardian says “They might dress smartly, all suited and booted, but Thee Vicars create an unholy, unruly row. They are much like the Cribs’ new favourite proponents of back-to- basics rifferama, the Strange Boys… Together they create a decent fuzzy racket, full of energy and heavy on the treble, with a low-end throb that does the job.”

Meanwhile, writing about their second album Clash Magazine said, “Ironically, in displaying barely a drop of originality, Thee Vicars actually sound fabulously fresh when set against the current crop of synth-pop bunnies.”  Indeed, when the next big thing consistently looks and sounds like it was just spawned from Topman HQ, Thee Vicars couldn’t have picked a better time to unleash their rock‘n’roll attack. They may not be holy, but they sure as hell give a reason to be thankful!

  1. I Wanna Be Your Vicar
  2. I’ll Be Gone
  3. Lights
  4. I Feel Alright
  5. Your Eyes
  6. Rooftop Blues
  7. Crocodile Chomp
  8. Hauser & O’Brian
  9. I’ll Do You Wrong
  10. Satisfy You
  11. Should Have Stayed At Home
  12. Every Day


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