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Party Girl

The Dustaphonics

June 26th 2012
DWC1060, Dirty Water Records
Rock and Roll, CD, Download

An irresistible Vintage Now Sound of Rock n Roll Soul Surf Rhythm & Blues from London Produced by award winner " most influential French Person in London" Healer Selecta Jeff Dexter, (former manager of Marc Bolan & T. Rex, Lemmy (Motorhead & Hawkwind ) Ike & Tina Turner, America) says: "I am a fan. The Dustaphonics are real music stars, they are what many wannabes want to be; one of the best bands I've seen in England for years. What a great sound and energy!"

It all started at Raison D'Etre Collective London and at Gizzard Recording Studio in Hackney, when Tura Satana, the favorite actress of director Russ Meyer and heroine of the film Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, offered Healer Selecta (Freestyle Records) the opportunity to create the soundtrack for her next film.  The Dustaphonics was born, Healer asked friends like Bruce Brand and Johnny Gibbs to join the session, Tura wrote with Healer "Burlesque Queen" which came out as a 45 on the English label Dirty Water Records in 2010. The same year King A Ling records released the now sold-out soundtrack on CD. Sadly Tura passed away a few months after the release of this collector's item.

The Dustaphonics brings together fans of Rhythm & Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, Instrumental Surf and Soul Music. With this album they are offering a unique blend of pure positive communicative energy with great knowledge and complete mastery of the vintage sounds. No wonder, Bruce Brand and Healer Selecta have been key figures in this International scene for decades.

Their musical roots: Delta Blues, the vintage Soul of Memphis, New Orleans, Detroit, Rhythm & Blues, American and British Rock 'n' Roll, '60s Garage-Beat, Instrumental Surf, Funk, Ska and '70s Punk Rock. This melting pot of influences, of nationalities and generations, sharing the same love and passion for this music with new and fantastic young talents on board, such as the amazing soul singer Kay Elizabeth and the 20-year old gifted musician Michael Jablonka on bass, all this, gives to the Dustaphonics a specific smile and twangy sound which is modern, vintage, sexy, fresh, soft and hard.

Their album is a great mix of original songs of high quality, future "classics," like Party Girl, When You Gonna Learn, The Jinx, and great covers chosen to pay homage to their heroes like Bo Diddley, Howlin Wolf, The Sonics and Louisiana Red.


  1. Eat My Dust-a-phonic - 2:48
  2. Burlesque Queen - 3:43
  3. When You Gonna Learn - 2:19
  4. Dearest Darling - 3:04
  5. Party Girl - 3:55
  6. Showman Twang Tiki Gods - 3:04
  7. Looking At You - 2:41
  8. Shot Down Popcorn - 2:04
  9. I Think I Had It - 2:24
  10. Tura Faster Pussycat - 3:16
  11. Catwoman's Strut - 3:59
  12. Jinx - 3:00
  13. You Gonna Wreck My Life - 3:55
  14. Take It From Diddley - 2:16



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