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Johnny Throttle

Johnny Throttle

December 5th 2011
DWC1058, Dirty Water Records
Punk Rock, LP, CD, Download

Formed by ex-Parkinsons front-man Afonso Pinto (aka Johnny Quid), and including former members of Menace, The Shakin’ Nasties, the Jackoffs, the Chinese Lungs, the Stains and Urban Shocks, Johnny Throttle have been playing drunken, beer-soaked gigs since the tail end of 2008. They play snotty, moronic and straight-to-the-point gonzo-garage punk rock, banging out a furious 20-minute (smoking ban-friendly) set of short and catchy songs that bring to mind something like Slaughter and the Dogs meet the Electric Eels. This is probably London’s best punk rock band, and definitely the snottiest.

Their debut release, “Stukas Über Shoreditch”, which came out on Wrench Records, was a two-fingered salute and a spit in the eye. If you didn’t know better you’d think it was a 1976 release recorded by glue-sniffing, speed-freaked, three-chord, angst-addled teens, frying up the airspace with sub two minute machine gun aural abortions, securing themselves a defining Peel session before splitting up and fucking off for a life behind a desk working in an insurance office.

After a second 45 on the legendary Crypt Records, it’s now time for their first full length offering – which is a similarly abrasive kick to the head, a blistering, full-on, spiked slab of rampant frenzy, replete with 100mph serrating riffs, like a seriously wired Dead Boys having a party with The Stooges whilst the pub rock honk of Eddie & the Hot Rods unsuccessfully tries to calm things down.

Like the best bands of the seventies punk era, Johnny Throttle are hugely influenced by the sixties garage bands, and were regulars in the audience, and on the stage, at the old Dirty Water Club during the last decade. But the main thing to them is that the music has to be sharp as a dagger, threatening but also beautiful. The 12 tracks on this album are inspired mini-operas, played with the kind of near incompetent teenage enthusiasm which only borderline middle-aged, lowlifes, has-beens and neverweres can truly muster.

This is real rock’n’roll, the way it was meant to be – it has an urgency and honesty that no teenager today can manage to achieve, despite their skinny jeans and carefully studied attitude. Johnny Throttle have the attitude, learned from a life on the streets, hanging out in cheap dives and hanging out with cheap women. Johnny Throttle are for real.

  1. Lost Sputnik - 2:37
  2. Alone - 2:36
  3. Ann - 2:01
  4. See You Again - 1:52
  5. Waking Up Alone - 2:21
  6. Love Me Til I Come - 2:21
  7. I Wanna Be Your Ex - 2:27
  8. Heart Of Stone - 2:15
  9. Spazztastic - 2:04
  10. Falling Off The Edge - 2:16
  11. Time You Learnt - 2:24
  12. Johnny Go Mental - 2:56
  13. Stukas Uber Shoreditch (CD only) - 2:28
  14. Looking At You (CD only) - 3:13


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