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A Cellarful of Muck

Muck and the Mires

October 10th 2011
DWC1052, Dirty Water Records
Garage Rock, LP, CD, Download

The band hails from Boston, yet features a distinctly 1960s English sound and songwriting style.  Legendary producer KIM FOWLEY (The Runaways, etc), who also produced several of the tracks on this album, describes them as “The 1964 Beatles meets The Ramones”.

On A CELLARFUL OF MUCK, the group has teamed with producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes) at his famed all-analogue Ghetto Recorders Studio in Detroit, Michigan. The resulting 13 tracks feature high energy Detroit grit combined with some of the catchiest tunes to hit magnetic tape in decades.  The opening track, “King of the Beat”, is an anthem for every pub band dreaming of stardom.  “Saturday Let Me Down Again” rocks like a lost AM radio hit, and, really, what could be more more garage rock than a love/hate relationship song entitled “Love Hates Me”?

MUCK AND THE MIRES have built an incredibly successful career over the past decade. After gaining national attention as the winners of Little Steven Van Zandt’s battle of the garage bands on MTV, the band was signed to Dionysus Records before setting up shop with Dirty Water (London), producing several albums that are now considered “garage rock” classics.

Along the way, the group has had the opportunity to perform/tour around the globe with many of their heroes and influenes; in Europe with The MC5 and Kinks front man Ray Davies, and in the USA with The New York Dolls, The Bay City Rollers, Pete Best (of The Beatles) Bo Diddley and Dick Dale.

This is Muck’s finest release to date, proving that they haven’t grown up, they have just become better at what they do – pumping life into the genre that so many others have managed to run into the ground.

Photos and more information can be found at: www.muckandthemires.com.

  1. King Of The Beat - 2:30
  2. Saturday Let Me Down Again - 3:16
  3. I'm Tired Of Losing Sleep Over You - 2:00
  4. Creep You Out - 2:30
  5. Right Now - 2:25
  6. Tear It Down - 2:49
  7. Love Hates Me - 2:00
  8. We Don't Have To Hide Anymore - 2:03
  9. A Piece Of Nothing - 3:30
  10. Laura's A Liar - 2:04
  11. That's The Way It's Always Gonna Be - 3:30
  12. I Don't Need A Reason - 2:38
  13. Love Is Knocking At Your Door - 2:29


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