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Out Of My Mind

David Peter and the Wilde Sect

August 16th 2010
DWC1044, Dirty Water Records
Garage Rock, 7", Download

You thought the Hives were the wildest band you ever heard of from Scaninavian? Well, think again. David Peter and The Wilde Sect are set to break out of their home country and take the UK (and, indeed, the world) by storm in the coming year.

Not caring a jot about what the most of their fellow Danish teenagers were wasting their time on, they took things into their own hands, going back to the sounds of previous generations where they found underground sounds that blew their minds. They see their mission as being to teach the youngsters of today about music with soul – and a very desperate teenage soul that is.

Their approach to music took after the hard-driving style of the barbed-wired* infused rhythm’n’blues and beat favoured by Danish kids in the mid-1960s, the more well known of them being the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, Bo Diddley, etc, but also the Downliners Sect, the Namelosers, Q65, Peter Belli & les Rivals, and so on.

Their one visit to the UK so far saw the audiences going crazy for their powerful atombomb rock’n’roll, with their debut Danish-only single being snapped up by eager new fans. Their thousand mile an hour garage-rock’n’roll beat seems to be irresistible to teenagers of all ages going by their reception at Le Beat Bespoke in London and various dirty rock venues around the UK last March. They’ll be touring over here again later in the summer.

* Barbed-wire in Danish is “pigtråd”, which is 1960s Danish teen slang for noisy, raw, electric music.

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