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We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit

Los Chicos

April 26th 2010
DWC1040, Dirty Water Records
Rock and Roll, LP, CD, Download

The 4th and greatest album yet from Madrid's Rock'n'Roll machine Los Chicos is out soon, a band constructed from the best parts of real rhythmnblues (as opposed to the pop music that gets called "R&B" these days), raucous garage rock, gritty pubnpunk rock and a good measure of gospel. They put all those ingredients into the mix...and then kick the livin shite out of it. Featuring a line up that makes the Cramps audience at Napa State look normal - a fast-talking, high-climbing frontman, a shaven-headed evil Doctor Pineapple, a bubble-permed bassist, and last but not least the only real twin guitar team treading the boards today, these are sounds that will get any rocknroll party jumping.

  1. A Band - 2:59
  2. Headphones - 1:56
  3. We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit - 2:35
  4. Brothers From Different Mothers - 2:35
  5. Manu & Piña's Excellent Adventure - 2:10
  6. Pleased To Meet Them - 2:21
  7. Join Our Family - 1:11
  8. I Hate Science - 2:51
  9. I Bet I Win - 2:56
  10. Get A Life - 2:39
  11. I Wanna Tour - 2:15
  12. What's Cookin' - 3:02
  13. Not Tonight - 1:15

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