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Muck and the Mires

April 13th 2009
DWC1027, Dirty Water Records
Garage Rock, LP, CD, Download

Produced by rock and roll legend Kim Fowley, the cover features 3D artwork by award winning designer James Adame. 3D glasses are packaged with the album. Everyone has been waiting for the next rock-n-roll phenomenon, a piece of product guaranteed to go across all age group barriers, demographic boundaries, rock-n-roll hasn't had any sunshine lately on it's horizon and now the summer is going to last forever because of the existence of the radio friendly album 'Hypnotic' by Muck and the Mires. Muck and the Mires' songs sound like long lost classics...all two-minutes long and ALL POTENTIAL HITS!

  1. Doreen - 2:21
  2. Treat Her Right - 2:21
  3. Do It All Over Again - 2:54
  4. Hang All Over Me - 2:27
  5. Crush On Me - 2:58
  6. Poor Little Girl - 1:59
  7. Hypnotic - 3:33
  8. Hamburg Time - 2:46
  9. Mata Hari - 2:44
  10. Cocoa Beach - 2:01
  11. You Shouldn't Have Let Her Go - 2:06
  12. Gone, Gone, Gone - 2:02


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