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Don't Want To Lose This Fight

The Kits

June 16th 2008
DWC1017, Dirty Water Records
Garage Rock, 7", Download

Certain to be one of the hottest new releases of the summer, Don't Want To Lose This Fight, was recorded at Toe Rag, mastered by Noel Somerville and carries cover art by Bruce Brand. For a seven inch rock-n-roll single you can?t get any better than that! Originally from Melbourne, Australia, but now based in London, this four-piece feeds off past and present influences including the Sonics, The Nervous Eaters, The Hives, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Saints and the Velvet Underground to produce a unique mix of '50s rock--roll and '60s garage that's been perfectly updated for today, with an appeal that reaches out to contemporary audiences of all kinds. The Kits are a soundtrack to walking through back alleyways, throwing down booze in a tiny bar, picking up some random and leaving her exhausted, satisfied and in love the next morning. Their forthcoming album will be a blues-rooted punk-driven rave-up which mixes and matches wails and thumps from multiple rock and indie genres, reflecting tales of crime, sex, excess and indulgence. The band has developed a well earned reputation for intense live shows and when they hit the stage the result is often inspired, rapturous, sometimes naked, enthusiasm. And with songs that you?ll be singing along to after just one listen. They've already toured three continents, including support slots with the likes of Wolfmother and Midnight Juggernaughts, and have received widespread TV and radio coverage. Whatever you do this summer, don?t miss out as the force that is The Kits rolls across the UK and Europe. This will be the Kits? big year, with their full-length album following the single and a heavy schedule of live appearances at gigs and festivals.

  1. Don't Want To Lose This Fight - 3:34
  2. She's The Number One - 3:41

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