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The Urges Theme c/w Todo El Mundo Haciendo El Dawn

The Urges vs. Hollywood Sinners

April 28th 2008
DWC1014, Dirty Water Records
Garage Punk, 7", Download

  1. The Urges - The Urges Theme - 3:51
  2. Hollywood Sinners - Todo El Mundo Haciendo El Down - 2:01

The latest release from Dirty Water Records is a split single featuring two of our favourite bands ? Hollywood Sinners from Toledo, Spain, and The Urges, from Dublin, Ireland ? both of whom have played at the Dirty Water Club a number of times already and impressed us enormously. HOLLYWOOD SINNERS are three weird and crazy guys whose only interest is making wild and noisy music which is a mixture of old school punk and the craziest and funniest garage-rock. They show little love for their vintage instruments, from which they get the best and worst sounds, making all their gigs great parties. And that party vibe most definitely translates to their studio recordings . . . Fun they have. Their crazy shows have led to them being invited to perform all around Spain and beyond. And now they are making inroads into the international scene, having visited London numerous times already. Their gigs have been talked about for months, even years, afterwards. THE URGES are experiencing some exciting times in the Dublin music scene. All at once there is a glut of must-see bands and we?re talking bands with masterplans, with definable images and, most importantly, some great songs. The Urges are one such band. But the UK is taking to them too, this is a band with a big and fashionable following and there?s a palpable sense of event when they play a gig. They have already taken their show all around Europe and were proud to support The Sonics last November in New York at the now legendary Cavestomp ?07. The five young guys emerge through a fog of dry ice and hairspray, a swirling psychedelic stage come on looking like they're an edition of Ready Steady Go! The style, then, is spot on ? what of the substance? Straight up, their set of songs is as cool as the group appear. The Urges combine the perfectly executed pop of The Kinks with the more rugged blues edginess of Them but that doesn?t begin to cover it. They take their lead from that bygone era when popular music was uniformly fresh and fun, but their sound, style and attitude is very much their own.

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