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The Dirty

June 7th 2004
DWC1001, Dirty Water Records
Garage Punk, 7"

  1. Cinnamon (Why, I Think It's Love)
  2. Black Sugar
  3. B-Movie Dance

This is pure anthemic sleaze in that stripped-down and open way that makes you believe that you can do what the fuck you like in this world. It's also about sex of course, and The Dirty, like these tracks, are sexy.

What's more, they know it - and they also know that's what rock'n'roll is all about! Musically, it's a freeze-frame of jammed-out bluesy. . . garage rock'n'roll - but without getting mixed up in a rehash of old tunes turned stale. And it's tunes at which The Dirty excel. Where most bands merely arrange the music and vocals, their strength is in actually writing songs. A live performance is a trip back to that old school of rock'n'roll showmanship, total on-stage excitement, with a sound that is primal, low-down and - of course - dirty. In front of a formidable rhythm section, frontman Kyrill struts and swaggers his angsty self with style and wit, a David Johansen for the new millennium, whilst guitarist Marc will be wearing John Squire's, no. .. Mick Ronson's axe-crown within a matter of months!

The first single from Dirty Water Records - still a few in stock.

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