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Detroit's Sonic Reducer - Jim Diamond: 'Exile on Ghetto Street'

Jim Diamond probably needs no introduction; the wizard proprietor of Detroit’s legendary (and now sadly defunct) Ghetto Recorders has put his magic touch on an impressive collection of some of the world’s best records from the garage and real rock-n-roll scene since 1996. Having played bass in The Dirtbombs and responsible for curating the raw primal sound of the first two White Stripes albums, Jim was instrumental in capturing another glorious chapter in Detroit’s historic music scene. After amassing an esteemed list of clientele, his signature trademark can be heard on some of rock’s most celebrated artists ever to be burned to wax: The Sonics, Andre Williams, The Fleshtones, The Hentchmen, New Bomb Turks, The John Spencer Blues Explosion and countless others. 

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Shipping costs to Greece

Dear friends and customers in Greece,

It is with heavy hearts that we have to change our shipping policy to locations in Greece. We simply get too many claims of non-receipt to make normal shipping viable.

**To be absolutely clear - we do not think our friends and customers in Greece are falsely claiming non-receipt, but it seems clear that someone or something along the delivery chain is frequently preventing our packages from getting through. And we can't afford that.**

We will still ship retail packages to Greece but, effective immediately, our new pricing structure for shipping to Greece will include the charge for tracked & signed delivery.

It won't affect the cost of larger orders too badly, but it will make the cost of smaller orders a bit expensive. We are truly sorry, but don't think we have any alternative.

Kind regards,

Dirty Water Records

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Record label of the year!

Dirty Water Records is pleased and proud to announce we have been named Label of the Year for 2014 by Fungal Punk (http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk/).  Many thanks to Dave at Fungal for the accolade but even more for his support over the years.

LABEL OF THE YEAR - Long overdue this award and it goes to a label that sits outside the radar of many circles in which I find myself much to the punters loss.

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Singer of The Dirty dies in Thailand

We hadn't seen or spoken to each other for a number of years. But, still, we're very sad to hear about Kyrill Khieninson, singer of The Dirty, the first release on Dirty Water Records, and the man who first suggested to PJ that he starts a record label. "The Dirty Water Club is really well known," he said. "If we do our single on Dirty Water Records, we'll sell more copies." It sounded fair enough so that was that. The start of Dirty Water Records. (Even though we still have loads of copies of the single in our stock room...) Every release that came afterwards happened, in a way, because of him. Rest in peace, you crazy bastard.

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Disabled music fans need gig buddies

Fans of live music who have learning disabilities may not get to see their favourite bands because of their carers’ shift hours. But YOU can help to make a difference. Read more about it here or go direct to the Gig Buddies website for more information on how you can volunteer. (If you know of a similar scheme for people with physical disabilities, please post information in the comments section below.)

The photograph shows some people with disabilities and their gig buddies outside a gig by The Horrors.

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Dirty Water Club this Saturday 18 October @ The Shacklewell Arms

LOS BENGALA is a band that you'll be talking about for a long time afterwards;  they recently won a national battle of the bands competition in Spain. This duo from the north east of Spain is what happens if two musicians allow themselves to act out the most primitive and basic side of their psyche. Only two instruments and voices. Rhythm and machetes. Feral, feline garage punk!  Their ambidextrous drummer Borja has to be seen to be believed, he is astonishingly talented.

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Chris Langeland Memorial gig

Friday 21 December, the day after what would have been his 23rd birthday, Dirty Water is hosting a memorial gig in honour of our late, great friend Chris Langeland, with all profits going to the charity, Youth Music, nominated by Chris's family.

The bands will include:

Thee Vicars 1 - the four original teenage terrorists (Mike Whittaker, Marcus Volkert, Reuben Kemp and Jasper Kemp) performing songs from their debut album "Back On The Streets".

Thee Vicars 2 - Mike & Marcus with Will Pattenden on drums and Reuben standing in for Chris performing songs off their second LP "Psychotic Beat!".

Thee Vicars 3 - Mike with Alex De Renzi on drums with Reuben standing in for Chris performing songs off their third LP "I Wanna Be A Vicar".

There will also be some very special guest bands and others to be announced.

DJs will include our own PJ and Jonathan, Rob Bailey (New Untouchables), Phil Moore (Sweet But Deadly) and Yvan Serrano-Fontova (The Dustaphonics / Healer Selecta / Raison D'etre).

Ticket price £10.00 with all profits going to the charity identified by Chris' family, Youth Music.

Hackney Trashbar closes / new home for Dirty Water Club

Sadly the Hackney Trashbar closed on 17 September. Though it was only open for 6 months, we had some great nights there and wish to thank Frank and Carlos and their team for all their help and support. Shame they didn't the same support from the local council. The 13 October gig at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston was a great success. We expect a full house and a great night for the visit of The Fleshtones on 8 December at the Shack, and are in the process of booking 2013 dates there too.

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