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U&I Magazine: The Revellions "Give It Time"

The arrangement of opening song "Strung Out Bad" builds anticipation from the soulful feel of the arrangement before procuring a true finesse in the progression that stays the course.  This dutifully stirs the musical side with matched deliberation.  Next comes "Don't Wait For Me".  Picking up from the off, the addition of a brass section in the tempo gives it a lift while the charming run in the delivery tells a lot.  An anticipated spirit pushes out on it that appropriately catches the tracking to bring it full circle.  A 60s Roadhouse / Psychelelic vibe elevates the appeal of "Bitter & Twisted".  All the playing is sensibly factored in, while there is a distinction in the vocals that appropriately fixes itself in the running.  It brings a heavy urgency that is kept in check along with everything else.

"Drip" again reverts to a style brimming with a retro fitting.  The broad expanse is picked up on, while the figurative way it is all arranged realises the potential and ambition.  The solemn tone sinks into the ambiance suitably and is matched in the sensibility shown in the style.  The direction changes somewhat on "In Vino Veritas".  It retains the chic but also possesses a stronger focus that is felt out in the running.  The neat little touches here make the difference, but the Tex-Mex musings are what seal the deal.  A brash pull opens "Sighs" and draws you in.  The select groove that kicks in equates smoothly on the delivery.  It allows the running to click into gear and takes hold in a clever way which grows in status as the play progresses.

"Somewhere In Between" is a more steady number, but it has a leaner settlement.  There is attrition on show that exhibits a blues influence.  The steady tumble in the rhythm fully embraces this, but the honest endeavor coming through on the vocals is what stands out most.  "Give It Time" is marked out by how urgent it comes across.  The competence in the arrangement brings home the stylish side of the running with aplomb.

The album closes out with "The Waltz".  Again, a proven quality is found in the music in the music side of things.  It is an ensemble piece but one that has a collective sense about it that is reflected in the different playing arcs and how they are handled.  9/10

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