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Detroit's Sonic Reducer - Jim Diamond: 'Exile on Ghetto Street'

Jim Diamond probably needs no introduction; the wizard proprietor of Detroit’s legendary (and now sadly defunct) Ghetto Recorders has put his magic touch on an impressive collection of some of the world’s best records from the garage and real rock-n-roll scene since 1996. Having played bass in The Dirtbombs and responsible for curating the raw primal sound of the first two White Stripes albums, Jim was instrumental in capturing another glorious chapter in Detroit’s historic music scene. After amassing an esteemed list of clientele, his signature trademark can be heard on some of rock’s most celebrated artists ever to be burned to wax: The Sonics, Andre Williams, The Fleshtones, The Hentchmen, New Bomb Turks, The John Spencer Blues Explosion and countless others. 

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