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Schwindy's Indie Spotlight: Oh! Gunquit "Eat Yuppies and Dance"

This album by Oh! Gunquit begins with a drum beat at the beginning of "Sinkhole" that not only draws you in, but also gets you moving your head. When the rest of the instruments and the vocals come in, you realize that this band has a sound that is hard to classify. The female vocal part sounds a bit like Kate Pierson while the melody is a blend of surf and garage rock.

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Uber Rock: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

There are plenty of sisters out there doing it in the name of rock and roll and you can add the marvellous Dustaphonics to that long list.  From the confident opening number 'The Message' this rock and roll combo get your toes a-tapping via some intense old school rock and roll and as unoriginal as it is it's still engaging and downright entertaining. 

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Peppermint Iguana: The Revellions "The Revellions"

From the psychedelic packaging to the sixties garage surf punk sound, this lot are definitely a blast from the past, today. You can almost hear the surf crashing in on the beach at some west coast late night rave up as they mix the 13 th Floor Elevators with Dick Dale. If they have ever set foot in the US is unknown, they seem to have been quite capable of brewing this little potion up from the confines of their hometown of Dublin.

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Making Time: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

In a brief space of time us LPs who will make the delights of the degustador of vibrant R&B, furious rock 'n roll and garage have arrived new from the publication by the London seal Dirty Water exciting the three Record of trotter. Three consecutively appeared launchings totally recommended in urgent May, June and July so that the track shakes of dance to the rate of dynamic rythmical bases, guitars and howls from the garage!

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