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Distorsioni: Thee Gravemen "Thee Gravemen"

There have been many bands who look for their borrowed masks and stereotypes of American horror tradition of the fifties and sixties. Think, just to mention the more, the Fuzztones of "Monsters a go-go" (and not only), the warbling of the afterlife of Lux Interior, up to certain degenerations "licantropiche" by Jon Spencer and his Blues Explosion.

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Audio Scribbler: Thee Gravemen "Thee Gravemen"

It’s unfortunate that outside of garage rock circles people think two-piece groups consisting of drums, guitar and vocals have copped the line-up idea from The White Stripes or The Black Keys. The truth is two-piece groups go back a lot further than that and have been a fixture of US juke joints since they first opened for business. Not many of those blues duos will have chosen to have dressed like undertakers and knock out rockabilly numbers about witches, werewolves and burials.

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