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Música Inclasificable: Harry Violet and the Sharks "Jungle Cavalcade"

To welcome 2016, the British label Dirty Waters Records released its first launch of the year, which is the calling card of Harry Violet & The Sharks, a devilish quartet from the ever-rainy London.

Unlike other groups that tend to build on its sound to the guitar or drums, in the case of this combo it is the prime instrument saxophone in charge of directing the course of the two themes that make up the 7 ".

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Heatwave Magazine: Harry Violet and the Sharks "Jungle Cavalcade"

A dark, sax-driven rock and roll band – this is how Harry Violet & the Sharks define themselves, and rightly so. It’s delightful to see such a big revival of the saxophone; it played a vital part back in the golden days and it’s astonishing to see what the new bands are doing with this grandiose sax appeal. It doesn’t stop here, however, these new bands of young musicians like our Harry Violet & the Sharks have a sincerely deep knowledge of the classic beats of the 20th century, from rhythm and blues to garage rock, rockabilly to surf, free jazz to 12-bar blues, even from hard rock to punk. Rock and roll stands for them all, it glorifies each and every genre in an eternal musical haven embrace. These are joyful days we are experiencing in this fresh new music scene!

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