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I-94 Bar: The Revellions “Give It Time”

Here’s an album that starts relatively sedately, grows a brass section and descends into off-kilter garage rock hell. If that sounds like a dissing, think again.

The Revellions are from Dublin in Ireland and have made a nine-song album of two distinct halves. The first recalls, at times, Boston institution Lyres with its strong reliance on surging organ and wailing vocals, while the second goes to that noisy and mind-altered place where the Black Lips and The Oh-Sees reside. Soulful versus Trippy. Both bases covered.

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Norman Records: The Revellions “Give It Time”

The Revellions are back this week with their first album in five years on Dirty Water! These Irish garage-popsters are peddling a very authentically ’60s sound full of Hammond organ, jangly guitars and naively soulful vocals, often buoyed by some uplifting brass which gives it a slight British working men’s club kind of feel. Opener ‘Bitter & Twisted’ is very organ-heavy and reminds me of The Castaways’ ‘Liar Liar’, but when the brass gets involved it heads into territory somewhere between King Khan & the Shrines and King Salami, although to be fair this lot have a sound all of their own.

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Raw Power Magazine: The Revellions “Give It Time”

Yet another review of the brilliant new REVELLIONS album, this time from France’s Raw Power Magazine. Thanks to Monsieur Eric Baconstrip of King Salami and the Cumberland 3 for the translation into English:

GIVE IT TIME… The Revellions took quite some time to offer us the following opus to their brilliant first throw! 6 years after all…Even though the band came back in 2012 with a single, we thought they were gone again & its members were dispersed. Until we’ve heard about this imminent new album coming out!

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Louder Than War: The Revellions "Give It Time"

Finally, after a five year wait, The Revellions are back with their second LP, Give It Time, half soulful psych, half boozed out night. Opening with the jiving beat of ‘Bitter & Twisted’, the band set out their stall right up there with such garage-stalwarts as The Cynics, but they soon show that there’s a lot more to them. By the second tune, ‘Sigh’, they’re already rolling out the soul that in beds itself throughout the first side.

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