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Sugar Buzz Magazine: Raw Fun "Won't Be Told"

Raw Fun is a modern day rock and roll success story. From origin to E.P., the chips fall with favor for these trashy rock scoundrels based in London, England. The group was set to play, and commenced with live performances just weeks after their first rehearsal. Raw Fun then posted a demo on their Facebook page that drew in producer Jim Diamond, who mixed the groups 8-track recordings in his Ghetto Recorders Studio located in Detroit. That’s impressive shit as Jim is hugely know for his tenure in The Dirtbombs and producing notables such as The Sonics as well as The White Stripes.

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RingMaster Review: Raw Fun "Won't Be Told"

December is as good a time as any, maybe the best time with all the festive shenanigans, to get your teeth into something particularly tasty, and that is definitely what you get from Raw Fun. Their three track single Won’t Be Told gets its full release this month through Dirty Water Records/WTF, and fair to say it is a bracing and virulent slab of garage rock ‘n’ roll which strongly entices on the first bite, breeds intoxication with its second morsel, and tightens the grip on the taste buds with a third helping of contagion; it all living up to the band’s name.

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