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Louder Than War: Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons "Dirty Rock'n'Roll"

Stunning second album from Basingstoke Punk-Rockabilly-Grunge-Glam rockers Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. Ged Babey is feelin(e) dirty … sorry…

First off. This is a magnificent, homegrown UK punk rock’n’roll album. Beg, borrow, steal or buy it. Hear it at least and check them out live, that’s all that needs to be said really the rest is just hyperbole and waffle, which some people find off-putting.

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Fungal Punk: The Cavemen "The Cavemen"

From Auckland, New Zealand comes a crew of slag rock sleazers who dish up a foul monstrosity of musical deviancy loaded with rabid desires conjured from a garaged grimoire that summons up many mental phantoms of disease.  The noise is ravenous, feeds on your will and appeals to the most raw-boned basic instincts us music lovers all find within.  I am sure those of a more cleansed faith will find this nauseating filth to get thoroughly tuned out by but to the more ardent and twisted imps of acoustica then it will be a case of erections aplenty that will be an utter pleasure jack off.  It happens, get over it, I am going in head first regardless of any advice - fuck you!

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Bucketful of Brains: The Despondents "The Despondents"

Taking their cues from punk bands past and present The Despondents aim to bring us short sharp garage punk tunes that hit you like an atom bomb. If you like The Rip Offs, Teengenerate, and The Real Losers you will know where they are coming from. The ever-trusty Electric Roulette website says: “The Despondents are here and they’re ready to kick you in the balls with no chords and the fat well and truly trimmed."

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vibratorbuzz: Johnny Throttle "Johnny Throttle"

After I´ve already celebrated THE GAGGERS to the max comes another british Punkrock-Splinterbomb raining down on the mainland slashing and burning the lower limbs of all these smoochy bands who abused the title Punkrock for their shitty music in the past years. 
This is the long awaited debut (and if you didn´t wait for it, you know shit) of JOHNNY THROTTLE.

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