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Fungal Punk: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

A right bunch of cheeky fuckers here with an album to completely break down any critical codswallop and to bring forth a fervent fever of gushing praise from even the most hard boiled reviewer. Make no mistake about it, these squawking sonic shits are good, darn good indeed and really excite with their innuendoed sax fuelled rock that has an obsession with the thrills of fast food chomping. Hailing from London these dudes really do need to spread their wings and drop some sonic shit on the heads of the unaware, here is my small attempt at provocating some flapping motions.

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Uber Rock: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

Sometimes you get a record to review and it just has you scratching your head wondering what the fuck have I just listened to. Well, lo and behold MFC Chicken has just done that as a chicken based album has just driven me cluckin' mad.
So with a retro swinging beat (well it is on Dirty Water Records after all) the music is delivered with aplomb and some of the sax playing is superb, but what's with the chicken based tunes, really?

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Rocking Reverend DJ Spencer (MFC Chicken) in the West End!

The evening started off with a seemingly quiet bespectacled gentleman entering the stage, with organ music playing in the background. But this was no ordinary man - he was our Master of Ceremonies for the night - known as Rocking Reverend DJ Spencer, played by the agile Spencer Evoy from Canada. We later see him playing the saxophone and doing the splits at the same time! That is worth the ticket price alone!!

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